Media matters, words matter, and visibility matters. Glow Up Media International is all about using our professional skills and platform to amplify the work of change-makers who are committed to leading with high moral and social values. This company is built on a cornerstone of lifting as we climb, which means, our ultimate success is tied to the success of our collaborators, our clients, and our global community.

Teamwork makes the dream work“.

We thrive on inclusivity and a diverse working group of artists, activists, and academics who have complimentary talents and who share common goals of promoting the ideas of organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses who are unafraid to jump directly into the struggle for more equitable, just and sustainable societies.

BE BOLD   •   OWN IT   •   GLOW UP   

We serve our community and have the skills needed to build a consistent brand message and strong online presence. Let us help you expand your audience in an efficient way by working smart, being bold, and leading with values. Whether you need help strategizing your communications objectives, growing your social media presence, designing a cool website, or developing your brand, we are here to make that happen.

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Casey, I am the Founder of Glow Up Media International. This company is the result of my determination to use my time on this Earth to make positive impacts. I take life seriously but try not to take myself too seriously. I am a truth-seeker and a critical thinker, a risk taker and a general lover of life.

My educational background is somewhat “non-traditional”. I studied Communications at the University of Colorado Denver. During my time at UCD I studied abroad in Guatemala with the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation. In 2014, I moved to Costa Rica to obtain my Master’s Degree in Media, Peace and Conflict, from the United Nations University for Peace.

I continued living in Costa Rica to complete my thesis then fell in love and had a daughter. My child was born with a congenital health problem which made it nearly impossible to go back to work in the traditional sense. That is how Glow Up Media Int. came to fruition. Throughout my travels and studies I have met many talented people who are passionate about using their energy and skills to make waves, to fight injustice and to promote positive ideals.

Be consistent. 

Women have been instrumental in shaping my world view, in lighting my path in the fight for social justice, and inspiring my work.